GenerateNetworkReportResponse class Null safety

The streaming response for the AdMob Network report where the first response contains the report header, then a stream of row responses, and finally a footer as the last response message.

For example: [{ "header": { "dateRange": { "startDate": {"year": 2018, "month": 9, "day": 1}, "endDate": {"year": 2018, "month": 9, "day": 1} }, "localizationSettings": { "currencyCode": "USD", "languageCode": "en-US" } } }, { "row": { "dimensionValues": { "DATE": {"value": "20180918"}, "APP": { "value": "ca-app-pub-8123415297019784~1001342552", displayLabel: "My app name!" } }, "metricValues": { "ESTIMATED_EARNINGS": {"microsValue": 6500000} } } }, { "footer": {"matchingRowCount": 1} }]


GenerateNetworkReportResponse({ReportFooter? footer, ReportHeader? header, ReportRow? row})
GenerateNetworkReportResponse.fromJson(Map _json)


Additional information about the generated report, such as warnings about the data.
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Report generation settings that describes the report contents, such as the report date range and localization settings.
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row ReportRow?
Actual report data.
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toJson() Map<String, dynamic>
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