publicKeyId property Null safety

String? publicKeyId
read / write

The identifier for the public key that verifies this signature.

  • The public_key_id is required. * The public_key_id SHOULD be an RFC3986 conformant URI. * When possible, the public_key_id SHOULD be an immutable reference, such as a cryptographic digest. Examples of valid public_key_ids: OpenPGP V4 public key fingerprint: * "openpgp4fpr:74FAF3B861BDA0870C7B6DEF607E48D2A663AEEA" See for more details on this scheme. RFC6920 digest-named SubjectPublicKeyInfo (digest of the DER serialization): * "ni:///sha-256;cD9o9Cq6LG3jD0iKXqEi_vdjJGecm_iXkbqVoScViaU" * "nih:///sha-256;703f68f42aba2c6de30f488a5ea122fef76324679c9bf89791ba95a1271589a5"


core.String? publicKeyId;