mostDisruptiveAllowedAction property Null safety

String? mostDisruptiveAllowedAction
read / write

The most disruptive action that you want to perform on each instance during the update: - REPLACE: Delete the instance and create it again.

  • RESTART: Stop the instance and start it again. - REFRESH: Do not stop the instance. - NONE: Do not disrupt the instance at all. By default, the most disruptive allowed action is REPLACE. If your update requires a more disruptive action than you set with this flag, the update request will fail. Possible string values are:
  • "NONE" : Do not perform any action.
  • "REFRESH" : Updates applied in runtime, instances will not be disrupted.
  • "REPLACE" : Old instances will be deleted. New instances will be created from the target template.
  • "RESTART" : Every instance will be restarted.


core.String? mostDisruptiveAllowedAction;