authentication property

Future<GoogleSignInAuthentication> authentication

Retrieve GoogleSignInAuthentication for this account.

shouldRecoverAuth sets whether to attempt to recover authentication if user action is needed. If an attempt to recover authentication fails a PlatformException is thrown with possible error code kFailedToRecoverAuthError.

Otherwise, if shouldRecoverAuth is false and the authentication can be recovered by user action a PlatformException is thrown with error code kUserRecoverableAuthError.


Future<GoogleSignInAuthentication> get authentication async {
  if (_googleSignIn.currentUser != this) {
    throw StateError('User is no longer signed in.');

  final GoogleSignInTokenData response =
      await GoogleSignInPlatform.instance.getTokens(
    email: email,
    shouldRecoverAuth: true,

  // On Android, there isn't an API for refreshing the idToken, so re-use
  // the one we obtained on login.
  if (response.idToken == null) {
    response.idToken = _idToken;
  return GoogleSignInAuthentication._(response);