Google Photos Autogenerated API client

Google Photos does not yet have a first-party Dart SDK, so this is an unofficial API client autogenerated from Google Photo's API discovery doc

Caveat lector: Although this library is completely autogenerated using discoveryapis_generator, it is also not tested. I'm using it in my own projects and have not run into any problems, but please open an issue if you run into any problems.

Getting Started

This API client is designed to be used with Dart's standard HTTP library. However, most of the endpoints require authentication headers to function properly.


You can use the google_sign_in package to get these headers, and extend the HTTP BaseClient to inject the auth headers on behalf of the API client. See the example directory.

In future, perhaps the Dart or Flutter teams will provide better integration of HTTP clients with the google_sign_in package.

Everything else

Use the existing googleapis_auth library to get an authenticated HTTP client.