UsersService class Null safety

The UsersService handles communication with user related methods of the GitHub API.

API docs:



UsersService(GitHub github)


github GitHub
final, inherited
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addEmails(List<String> emails) Stream<UserEmail>
Add Emails [...]
createPublicKey(CreatePublicKey key) Future<PublicKey>
Adds a public key for the authenticated user. [...]
deleteEmails(List<String> emails) Future<bool>
Delete Emails [...]
editCurrentUser({String? name, String? email, String? blog, String? company, String? location, bool? hireable, String? bio}) Future<CurrentUser>
Updates the Current User. [...]
followUser(String user) Future<bool>
Follows a user. [...]
getCurrentUser() Future<CurrentUser>
Fetches the currently authenticated user. [...]
getUser(String? name) Future<User>
Fetches the user specified by name. [...]
getUsers(List<String> names, {int? pages}) Stream<User>
Fetches a list of users specified by names.
isFollowingUser(String user) Future<bool>
Check if the current user is following the specified user.
isUser(String name) Future<bool>
Checks if a user exists.
isUserFollowing(String user, String target) Future<bool>
Check if the specified user is following target.
listCurrentUserFollowers() Stream<User>
List current user followers. [...]
listCurrentUserFollowing() Stream<User>
List current user following [...]
listEmails() Stream<UserEmail>
Lists all email addresses for the currently authenticated user. [...]
listPublicKeys([String? userLogin]) Stream<PublicKey>
Lists the verified public keys for a userLogin. If no userLogin is specified, the public keys for the authenticated user are fetched. [...]
listUserFollowers(String user) Stream<User>
List user followers. [...]
listUsers({int? pages, int? since}) Stream<User>
Lists all users. [...]
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toString() String
A string representation of this object. [...]
unfollowUser(String user) Future<bool>
Unfollows a user.


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