PullRequestsService class Null safety

The PullRequestsService handles communication with pull request methods of the GitHub API.

API docs: https://developer.github.com/v3/pulls/



PullRequestsService(GitHub github)


github GitHub
final, inherited
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create(RepositorySlug slug, CreatePullRequest request) Future<PullRequest>
Creates a Pull Request based on the given request. [...]
createComment(RepositorySlug slug, int number, CreatePullRequestComment comment) Future<IssueComment>
Creates a new pull request comment. [...]
edit(RepositorySlug slug, int number, {String? title, String? body, String? state, String? base}) Future<PullRequest>
Edit a pull request. [...]
get(RepositorySlug slug, int number) Future<PullRequest>
Fetches a single pull request. [...]
isMerged(RepositorySlug slug, int number) Future<bool>
list(RepositorySlug slug, {int? pages, String? base, String direction = 'desc', String? head, String sort = 'created', String state = 'open'}) Stream<PullRequest>
Fetches several pull requests. [...]
listComments(RepositorySlug slug) Stream<PullRequestComment>
Lists all comments on all pull requests for the repository. [...]
listCommentsByPullRequest(RepositorySlug slug, int number) Stream<PullRequestComment>
Lists all comments on the specified pull request. [...]
listCommits(RepositorySlug slug, int number) Stream<RepositoryCommit>
Lists the commits in a pull request. [...]
listFiles(RepositorySlug slug, int number) Stream<PullRequestFile>
Lists the files in a pull request. [...]
merge(RepositorySlug slug, int number, {String? message}) Future<PullRequestMerge>
Merge a pull request (Merge Button). [...]
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