OrganizationsService class Null safety

The OrganizationsService handles communication with organization methods of the GitHub API.

API docs:



OrganizationsService(GitHub github)


github GitHub
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addTeamMembership(int teamId, String user) Future<TeamMembershipState>
Invites a user to the specified team. [...]
addTeamRepository(int teamId, RepositorySlug slug) Future<bool>
Adds a repository to be managed by the specified team. [...]
createHook(String org, CreateHook hook) Future<Hook>
Creates an organization hook based on the specified hook. [...]
createTeam(String org, String name, {String? description, List<String>? repos, String? permission}) Future<Team>
Creates a Team. [...]
deleteHook(String org, int id) Future<bool>
Deletes the specified hook.
deleteTeam(int teamId) Future<bool>
Deletes the team specified by the teamId [...]
edit(String org, {String? billingEmail, String? company, String? email, String? location, String? name, String? description}) Future<Organization>
Edits an Organization [...]
editTeam(int teamId, String name, {String? description, String? permission}) Future<Team>
Edits a Team. [...]
get(String? name) Future<Organization>
Fetches the organization specified by name. [...]
getHook(String org, int id) Future<Hook>
Fetches a single hook by id. [...]
getMulti(List<String> names) Stream<Organization>
Fetches the organizations specified by names.
getTeam(int teamId) Future<Team>
Gets the team specified by the teamId. [...]
getTeamMembership(int teamId, String user) Future<TeamMembershipState>
Returns the membership status for a user in a team. [...]
getTeamMemberStatus(int teamId, String user) Future<bool>
isTeamRepository(int teamId, RepositorySlug slug) Future<bool>
Checks if a team manages the specified repository. [...]
list([String? userName]) Stream<Organization>
Lists all of the memberships in organizations for the given userName. If userName is not specified we list the memberships in organizations for the authenticated user. [...]
listHooks(String org) Stream<Hook>
Lists the hooks for the specified organization. [...]
listTeamMembers(int teamId) Stream<TeamMember>
Lists the team members of the team with teamId. [...]
listTeamRepositories(int teamId) Stream<Repository>
Lists the repositories that the specified team has access to. [...]
listTeams(String orgName) Stream<Team>
Lists all of the teams for the specified organization. [...]
listUserTeams() Stream<Team>
Lists all of the teams across all of the organizations to which the authenticated user belongs. [...]
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
pingHook(String org, int id) Future<bool>
Pings the organization hook. [...]
removeTeamMembership(int teamId, String user) Future
Removes a user from the specified team. [...]
removeTeamRepository(int teamId, RepositorySlug slug) Future<bool>
Removes a repository from being managed by the specified team. [...]
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