offAndToNamed<T> method

Future<T> offAndToNamed<T>(
  1. String page,
  2. {dynamic arguments,
  3. int id,
  4. dynamic result}

Navigation.popAndPushNamed() shortcut.

Pop the current named page and pushes a new page to the stack in its place

You can send any type of value to the other route in the arguments. It is very similar to offNamed() but use a different approach

The offNamed() pop a page, and goes to the next. The offAndToNamed() goes to the next page, and removes the previous one. The route transition animation is different.


Future<T> offAndToNamed<T>(
  String page, {
  dynamic arguments,
  int id,
  dynamic result,
}) {
  return global(id)
      ?.popAndPushNamed(page, arguments: arguments, result: result);