registerSingleton<T> method

void registerSingleton<T>(
  1. T instance,
  2. {String instanceName,
  3. bool signalsReady = false}

registers a type as Singleton by passing an instance of that type that will be returned on each call of get on that type T type to register If signalsReady is set to true it means that the ready property cannot emit a ready event until this registration was signalled ready instanceName if you provide a value here your instance gets registered with that name instead of a type. This should only be necessary if you need to register more than one instance of one type. Its highly not recommended


void registerSingleton<T>(T instance,
    {String instanceName, bool signalsReady = false}) {
      type: _ServiceFactoryType.constant,
      instanceName: instanceName,
      instance: instance,
      signalsReady: signalsReady);