get_core library


GetInterface allows any auxiliary package to be merged into the "Get" class through extensions


Get → _GetImpl


defaultLogWriterCallback(String value, {bool isError = false}) → void
default logger from GetX


GetX by default disposes unused controllers from memory, Through different behaviors. SmartManagement.full SmartManagement.full is the default one. Dispose classes that are not being used and were not set to be permanent. In the majority of the cases you will want to keep this config untouched. If you new to GetX then don't change this. SmartManagement.onlyBuilders only controllers started in init: or loaded into a Binding with Get.lazyPut() will be disposed. If you use Get.put() or Get.putAsync() or any other approach, SmartManagement will not have permissions to exclude this dependency. With the default behavior, even widgets instantiated with "Get.put" will be removed, unlike SmartManagement.onlyBuilders. SmartManagement.keepFactoryJust like SmartManagement.full, it will remove it's dependencies when it's not being used anymore. However, it will keep their factory, which means it will recreate the dependency if you need that instance again.


LogWriterCallback = void Function(String text, {bool isError})
Voidcallback from logs