trigger method Null safety

void trigger(
  1. T v

Following certain practices on Rx data, we might want to react to certain listeners when a value has been provided, even if the value is the same. At the moment, we ignore part of the process if we .call(value) with the same value since it holds the value and there's no real need triggering the entire process for the same value inside, but there are other situations where we might be interested in triggering this.

For example, supposed we have a int seconds = 2 and we want to animate from invisible to visible a widget in two seconds:; then after a click happens, you want to call a By doing call(seconds), if the value being held is the same, the listeners won't trigger, hence we need this new trigger function. This will refresh the listener of an AnimatedWidget and will keep the value if the Rx is kept in memory. Sample:

Rx<Int> secondsRx = RxInt();
secondsRx.listen((value) => print("$value seconds set"));;      // This won't trigger any listener, since the value is the same
secondsRx.trigger(2);   // This will trigger the listener independently from the value.


void trigger(T v) {
  var firstRebuild = this.firstRebuild;
  value = v;
  // If it's not the first rebuild, the listeners have been called already
  // So we won't call them again.
  if (!firstRebuild) {