messageDefinition property Null safety

String messageDefinition


String get messageDefinition {
  // Returns full string definition for message
  return '''# This expresses velocity in free space with uncertainty.

Twist twist

# Row-major representation of the 6x6 covariance matrix
# The orientation parameters use a fixed-axis representation.
# In order, the parameters are:
# (x, y, z, rotation about X axis, rotation about Y axis, rotation about Z axis)
float64[36] covariance

MSG: geometry_msgs/Twist
# This expresses velocity in free space broken into its linear and angular parts.
Vector3  linear
Vector3  angular

MSG: geometry_msgs/Vector3
# This represents a vector in free space.
# It is only meant to represent a direction. Therefore, it does not
# make sense to apply a translation to it (e.g., when applying a
# generic rigid transformation to a Vector3, tf2 will only apply the
# rotation). If you want your data to be translatable too, use the
# geometry_msgs/Point message instead.

float64 x
float64 y
float64 z