Geometric Dart 📐

Dart package that provide you some geometrics which are useful and with the best performance execution.

Operations 📏


  • lineAngle(List line) Calculate the angle of a line, in degrees.

  • lineLength(List line) Calculate the distance between the endpoints of a line segment.

  • lineMidpoint(List line) Calculate the midpoint of a line segment.


  • angleRefect(incidenceAngle,surfaceAngle) find angle of reflection using incident angle and surface

  • angleToDegrees(angle) Convert angle to degree

  • angleToRadian(angle)Convert angle to radian


  • pointTranslate(List point, angle, distance) Translate a point by an angle in degrees and distance

  • pointRotate(List point, angle, [List origin]) Rotate a point by an angle in degrees around an origin.

As soon as possible, more features will be available.

Contribution 🤓

Happy 😍 to recieve or provide contributions related to this package.

Contact 📡

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Features and bugs 🐛

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Dart package for geometric operations The library was developed, documented, and published by Jose Gracia Mccausland and Muhammed Nazeem