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Flutter plugin for getting accurate locations on the Android & iOS devices.


    Future<void> _getLocation() async {
      Map<dynamic, dynamic> locationMap;

      String result;

      try {
        locationMap = await GeoLocation.getLocation;
        var status = locationMap["status"];
        if ((status is String && status == "true") ||
            (status is bool) && status) {
          var lat = locationMap["latitude"];
          var lng = locationMap["longitude"];

          if (lat is String) {
            result = "Location: ($lat, $lng)";
          } else {
            // lat and lng are not string, you need to check the data type and use accordingly.
            // it might possible that else will be called in Android as we are getting double from it.
            result = "Location: ($lat, $lng)";
        } else {
          result = locationMap["message"];
      } on PlatformException {
        result = 'Failed to get location';

      if (!mounted) return;

      setState(() {
        _result = result;