General Utilities

License: MIT

A set of general utilities useful to any flutter project and help to reduce boilerplate code.

Package contains

Empty state widget

Display an empty state widget with an image and text for example if you don't have data to display

Footer Layout

You can display a scrollable body and fixed bottom, for example a list of products and fixed ADD_TO_CART button.

Restart Widget

It can be useful when you need to apply a new config on your app, for example I used this widget into toggle app language.

Widget Route Animation

Use Navigator.push with passing this widget and pass a custom animation.

Widget Animation

I used this widget with ListView to apply a beautiful looking on list items.

Snackbar widget

An overlay widget to display customizable snackbar without scaffold.

Space Widget

A useful widget to add vertical or horizontal spacing, you can use into ROWS or COLUMNS.

Responsive Layout

Just add your Mobile and Tablet version of UI and this widget will choose which one to display upon the current screen size.

Grid View Widget

An easy way to add grid view without boilerplate code, just pass list of widget as children.

Otp Widget

Make it easy to enter auth otp

Feel free to contribute and share useful widgets that prevent repetitive tasks.