A Dart library for interacting with Garmin Connect, for now only get/export functionality and no upload/edit. Available as a dart package at

Garmin Connect does not provide a public API. This tool is simulating a browser, and manually logs onto the Garmin website to scrape activities. Use at your own risk.

Heavily inspired by the excellent Garmin Connect activity backup tool.

Pull requests and issue reports are very welcome!


A simple usage example:

import 'package:garmin_client/garmin_client.dart';

main() {
  var garmin_client = GarminClient(MY_USERNAME, MY_PASSWORD);
  await garmin_client.connect();

  // Gets a list of all activity ids, sorted in reverse chronological order
  var activities = await garmin_client.list_activities();

  // Gets the activity summary of the latest activity
  var latest_summary = await garmin_client.get_activity_summary(activities.first);