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Platform-agnostic pagination library, with custom support for the Galileo framework.


In your pubspec.yaml file:

  galileo_paginate: ^2.0.0


This library exports a Paginator<T>, which can be used to efficiently produce instances of PaginationResult<T>. Pagination results, when serialized to JSON, look like this:

  "total" : 75,
  "items_per_page" : 10,
  "previous_page" : 3,
  "current_page" : 4,
  "next_page" : 5,
  "start_index" : 30,
  "end_index" : 39,
  "data" : ["<items...>"]

Results can be parsed from Maps using the PaginationResult<T>.fromMap constructor, and serialized via their toJson() method.

To create a paginator:

import 'package:galileo_paginate/galileo_paginate.dart';

main() {
  var p = new Paginator(iterable);
  // Get the current page (default: page 1)
  var page = p.current;
  print(; // The actual items on this page.; // Advance a page
  p.back(); // Back one page
  p.goToPage(10); // Go to page number (1-based, not a 0-based index)

The entire Paginator API is documented, so check out the DartDocs.

Paginators by default cache paginations, to improve performance as you shift through pages. This can be especially helpful in a client-side application where your UX involves a fast response time, i.e. a search page.