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Parses GraphQL queries and schemas.

This library is merely a parser/visitor. Any sort of actual GraphQL API functionality must be implemented by you, or by a third-party package.

Galileo framework users should consider package:galileo_graphql as a dead-simple way to add GraphQL functionality to their servers.


Add galileo_graphql_parser as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

  galileo_graphql_parser: ^3.0.0


The AST featured in this library was originally directly based off this ANTLR4 grammar created by Joseph T. McBride:

It has since been updated to reflect upon the grammar in the official GraphQL specification ( June 2018).

import 'package:galileo_graphql_parser/galileo_graphql_parser.dart';

doSomething(String text) {
  var tokens = scan(text);
  var parser = Parser(tokens);
  if (parser.errors.isNotEmpty) {
    // Handle errors...
  // Parse the GraphQL document using recursive descent
  var doc = parser.parseDocument();
  // Do something with the parsed GraphQL document...