Tencent COS Upload Plugin.

Getting Started

Recently, I've been using flutter to develop an app that uses the Tencent COS to upload pictures.

I searched https://pub.flutter-io.cn/ and found only one plugin package named tencent_cos github.com/OpenFlutter/tencent_cos, when i added it to the project, but found that version 0.1.4 can't be used under IOS. So I reverted to version 0.1.2, and found that it doesn't work under Android, and the preliminary judgment is that the author developed it based on the version before flutter 1.12.0.

Then referenced https://blog.csdn.net/youtiankeng/article/details/107825986 to make the appropriate changes on Android, thanks to the two above.

If you are involved in any infringement, please contact me for removal.

Reference Document: https://github.com/OpenFlutter/tencent_cos https://blog.csdn.net/youtiankeng/article/details/107825986