flutter_tools library


checkIfGitExists() → Future<void>
Check if Git is installed
checkInstalledCorrectly(String version) → Future<bool>
Check if version is from git
flutterChannelClone(String channel) → Future<void>
Clones Flutter SDK from Channel Returns true if comes from exists or false if its new fetch.
flutterListAllSdks() → Future<List<String>>
Lists all Flutter SDK Versions
flutterListInstalledSdks() → Future<List<String>>
Lists Installed Flutter SDK Version
flutterSdkRemove(String version) → Future<void>
Removes a Version of Flutter SDK
flutterSdkVersion(String branch) → Future<String>
Gets Flutter version from project Gets SDK Version
flutterVersionClone(String version) → Future<void>
Clones Flutter SDK from Version Number Returns exists:true if comes from cache or false if its new fetch.
linkProjectFlutterDir(String version) → Future<void>
Links Flutter Dir to existsd SDK
processRunner(String cmd, List<String> args, { String workingDirectory }) → Future<void>
Runs a process