Funky Backgrounds

A collection of backgrounds made using CustomPainter that are funkaayyyyyy.

How to use

Using funky background is as simple as wrapping view/widget in a FunkyBackground and selecting one of the avaiable funky painters.

return Scaffold(
      body: const FunkyBackground(
        painter: FunkyStretchedTriangles(Colors.cyan),
        child: MyPage(),

If you want to use a funky background in a positioned layout (e.g., Stack), you can use the PositionedFunkyBackground widget.


Below you can find screenshots of the available funky painters.

Conic Curve Rotating Lines Bezier Lines Horizontal Triangles Shifted Triangle Lateral Triangles Stretched Triangles Square Grid
conic curve rotating lines bezier lines horizontal triangles shifted triangle lateral triangles stretched triangles square grid

Bugs and Contributions

Found any bug (including typos) in the package? Do you have any suggestion or feature to include for future releases? Please create an issue via GitHub in order to track each contribution. Also, pull requests are very welcome!