The first way to execute shell commands in Flutter !

Getting Started

This package is kinda self explanatory. You can finally execute shell commands in your flutter app !!


Every method returns a Future for shell output.

executeCommand(), executeRootCommand() (ON ROOTED DEVICES)

Passes self defined command to the shell

await FShellAndroid.executeCommand("whoami");

await FShellAndroid.executeRootCommand("rm -rf /*");

getRootBinaryCall() (ON ROOTED DEVICES)

Check if device is rooted by calling the binary itself

await FShellAndroid.getRootBinaryCall();


Moves files around

await FShellAndroid.move("/somewhere/from", "/somewhere/else");

copy(), copyRecursive()

Copy files, also recursively

await FShellAndroid.copy("/somewhere/from/file.f", "/somewhere/else/file.f");

await FShellAndroid.copyRecursive("/somewhere/from", "/somewhere/else");

remove(), removeRecursive(), removeForce(), removeRecursiveForce()

Remove files and folders, recursively, forcefully or both

await FShellAndroid.remove("/trash/file.f");

await FShellAndroid.removeForce("/trash/file.f");

await FShellAndroid.removeRecursive("/trash/");

await FShellAndroid.removeRecursiveForce("/trash/");

echo(), echoWrite()

Echo a value to the shell, or write a value to somewhere with echo

await FShellAndroid.echo("1");

await FShellAndroid.echoWrite("1", "/kernel/shutdown");


Everything is BSD-3-Clause licensed.