framy_annotation library


Super class for all other Framy annotations
Specifies a location where generated Framy app will be placed Required to be used exactly once inside the app Typically annotates main app widget (e.g. MyApp, MainApp, etc) useDevicePreview - setting this to true will cause wrapping widgets in DevicePreview in generated Framy app we highly recommend using this feature, IMPORTANT: when it's set to true then it is required to add device_preview package as dependency in pubspec.yaml in version at least ^0.4.7!
Use it in a test directory to generate golden tests for your widgets
Use it to specify Localization Delegates list. It needs to be used either on top of first class citizen (a getter or a field)
Used to annotate a model class that can be passed as an argument to the widget's constructor
Used to annotate methods returning objects that are meant to be preset dependencies for widgets
Used to annotate providers that are meant to be overridden for widgets
Used to annotate a class which contains methods/fields/constructors for ThemeData and Colors
Used to widgets that require Provider with a specified type to work
Used to widgets that want to override riverpod dependency and change it in generated app. A providerName is the name of Provider object that needs to overridden
Used to annotate a Widget to be included as a component isPage - indicates if the widget will be considered as a page (will be displayed in Storyboard page) groupName - Used for creating a directory in the navigation drawer in which widget will be placed. It can help organize widgets by domain or size.


framyApp → const FramyApp
framyGoldenTests → const FramyGoldenTests
framyLocalizationsDelegates → const FramyLocalizationsDelegates
framyModel → const FramyModel
framyPreset → const FramyPreset
framyRegisterRiverpod → const FramyRegisterRiverpod
framyTheme → const FramyTheme
framyWidget → const FramyWidget