Embed app store and play store screenshots in device frames. Drop in replacement for fastlane frameit.

Also check out the blog article for how to use frameit-chrome for flutter apps for more details:

It uses a simple dart script to locate localized screenshots and parses title.strings and keyword.strings and uses chrome headless to render the screenshot with some css and html magic.

Example Screenshot


  • Dart 😅️ (for now)
  • Google Chrome executable. By default, will look into /Applications/Google Chrome (tested with Chrome 86.0.4240.30).
  • Screenshots and Device Frames.


Create screenshots

Use any tool to create non-framed screenshots, for flutter I've used screenshots package.

Download device frames

Download device frames from to $HOME/frameit-frames.

Folder hierarchy

Place your screenshots into file hierarchy as used by fastlane.

  android/ # <-- `--base-dir` argument
      samsung-galaxy-s10-plus-password_generator.png # Example
      keyword.strings (optional)
      samsung-galaxy-s10-plus-password_generator.png # Example
      keyword.strings (optional)
    frameit.yaml (optional)
  framed/ # <-- output directory
  • In the above example: <base-dir> = metadata/android
  • Put Screenshots into <base-dir>/<locale>/images/
  • a title.strings and keyword.strings into <base-dir>/<locale>/
  • example title.strings (key must match part of the file name of the screenshot):
     "password_generator" = "Great password generator!";

Install frameit_chrome

pub global activate frameit_chrome

Run frameit_chrome.dart:

(Assumes frameit-frames downloaded to $HOME/frameit-frames)

pub global run frameit_chrome --base-dir=/myproject/fastlane/metadata/android --frames-dir=$HOME/frameit-frames/latest

On non-mac platforms or when you've installed Google Chrome in non-default location:

pub global run frameit_chrome --base-dir=/myproject/fastlane/metadata/android --frames-dir=$HOME/frameit-frames/latest --chrome-binary="/Applications/Google Chrome"


See the Example Directory as well as usage of AuthPass:


  • Allow more customizations
    • Frame screenshot overrides.
    • CSS customizations.