ap<B> method

  1. @override
Option<B> ap<B>(
  1. covariant Option<B Function(T t)> a

Apply the function contained inside a to change the value of type T to a value of type B.

If a is None, return None.

final a = Option.of(10);
final b = Option.of(20);

/// `map` takes one parameter [int] and returns `sumToDouble`.
/// We therefore have a function inside a [Option] that we want to
/// apply to another value!
final Option<double Function(int)> map = a.map(
  (a) => (int b) => sumToDouble(a, b),

/// Using `ap`, we get the final `Option<double>` that we want 🚀
final result = b.ap(map);


Option<B> ap<B>(covariant Option<B Function(T t)> a) => a.match(
      () => Option<B>.none(),
      (f) => map(f),