Foursquare for Dart

This is a Dart package for accessing Foursquare API endpoints and Foursquare-related objects. Both userless and authenticated access is supported.

Getting Started

Add this git as a dependency in pubspec.yaml of your Flutter project.

  foursquare: '^0.1.0'

Import the package into your project.

import 'package:foursquare/foursquare.dart';


void main() async {
  // Used for userless requests
  API userless = API.userless(

  // Used for authenticated requests
  API authed = API.authed('OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN');

  Venue current = await Venue.current(authed, 40, -74);



  • x Constructors for userless and authenticated access
  • x Basic GET implementation
  • x Basic objects - User, Venue
  • x Basic API endpoints - user/X, venues/search
  • Deeper object implementation
  • Deeper API endpoint implementation
  • dartdoc documentation