Flutter Fountain View

FountainView is a Flutter plugin used for displaying Fountain screenplay documents. It takes a single string and displays the formatted document in a widget.

This Flutter Plugin is created using the Xamarin library FountainSharp written in F#.

This is possible with the use of Embeddinator-4000 which allows the creation of native libraries from Xamarin .NET libraries. The native Android (.aar) and iOS (Framework) is then embedded in a Flutter Plugin that can then be reused in any Flutter application.

For example, the Big Fish sample fountain doc looks like this when rendered. image info


Usage is very straight forward, simply construct a new FountainView widget and provide it with a string containing valid Fountain Markup text.

new FountainView(fountainText)

The text will be parsed and converted to HTML and displayed as using the flutter_html plugin.

Note I plan to switch to the recently released official webview_flutter once it is stable.

Known Issues

If you get the following error on Android

 No assemblies found in '(null)' or '<unavailable>'. Assuming this is part of Fast Deployment.

Open the build.gradle file under android/app/ and add the follow config inside android {}

aaptOptions {
    noCompress 'dll'


This plugin is made using FountainSharp with thanks to Bryan Costanich.

FountainSharp is an F# based Fountain Markdown processor for use via .NET/Xamarin projects.