setServiceFunctionAsync static method

Future<void> setServiceFunctionAsync(
  1. bool isServiceFunctionAsync

by default, the service function is async, and will be invoked on a timer if you want to wait for the previous function execution to finish before invoking it again, set this to false (default is true) it will also wait until the serviceInterval has elapsed ex: interval = 5 seconds; instance1 required execution time = 9 seconds; instance2 required execution time = 2 seconds

when (false): instance1 start -> 9 seconds -> instance2 start -> 5 seconds -> i3 start

when (true): instance1 start -> 5 seconds -> instance2 start -> 5 seconds -> i3 start


static Future<void> setServiceFunctionAsync(
    bool isServiceFunctionAsync) async {
  await _invokeMainChannel(
      "setServiceFunctionAsync", <dynamic>[isServiceFunctionAsync]);