LocaleResolver class

Astract class for web-based locale resolution strategies that allows for both locale resolution via the request and locale modification via request and response.

This interface allows for implementations based on request, session, cookies, etc. The default implementation is AcceptHeaderLocaleResolver, simply using the request's locale provided by the respective HTTP header.





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resolveLocale(ForceRequest request) Intl
Resolve the current locale via the given request. Should return a default locale as fallback in any case. @param request the request to resolve the locale for @return the current locale (never null)
setLocale(ForceRequest request, Intl locale) → void
Set the current locale to the given one. @param request the request to be used for locale modification @param locale the new locale, or null to clear the locale @throws UnsupportedOperationException if the LocaleResolver implementation does not support dynamic changing of the theme
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