FMTCBackgroundDownloadingModule extension

Extends DownloadManagement (accessed through with the background downloading functionality on Android

  • DownloadManagement


requestIgnoreBatteryOptimizations({bool requestIfDenied = true}) Future<bool>
Requests for app to be excluded from battery optimizations to aid running a background process
startBackground({required DownloadableRegion<List<Object>> region, FMTCTileProviderSettings? tileProviderSettings, bool disableRecovery = false, String backgroundNotificationTitle = 'App Running In Background', String backgroundNotificationText = "Hide this notification by holding down and opening the notification's settings. Then disable this notification only.", AndroidResource? backgroundNotificationIcon, bool showProgressNotification = true, AndroidNotificationDetails? progressNotificationConfig, String progressNotificationIcon = '@mipmap/ic_notification_icon', String progressNotificationTitle = 'Downloading Map...', String progressNotificationBody(DownloadProgress)?}) Future<void>
Download a specified DownloadableRegion in the background, and show a progress notification (by default)