Flutter Crash Restarter Plugin

A flutter plugin that restarts your Android app after a crash and provides you with the stack trace

Getting Started

Add this code inside the MainActivity class in your project on android/app/src/main/kotlin/com/your_company/your_package_name/MainActivity.kt

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: android.os.Bundle?) {
        com.lucaszanella.flutterplugincrashrestartkt.FlutterExceptionHandler(MainActivity::class.java, this)

You can see how to get the stack trace on the example app in main.dart, or simply do:

    import 'package:flutterplugincrashrestarter/flutterplugincrashrestarter.dart';
    void getStackTrace() async {
        dynamic x = await Flutterplugincrashrestarter.getStackTrace();
        if (x==false) {
          //Did not recover from a crash, normal startup
        } else if(x is Map) {
          print("stack trace received");
          if (x["didCrash"]) {
            print("cause" + x["cause"]);
            print("message: " + x["message"]);
            print("stack trace: " + x["stackTrace"]);

You can also simulate a crash: