fluttering_phrases library Null safety


defaultAttributives → const List<String>
The default attributive terms used to generate phrases.
['alluring', 'amber', 'ancient', 'astonishing', 'avian', 'bold', 'bustling', 'chilly', 'crimson', 'cylindrical', 'da…
defaultNouns → const List<String>
The default nouns used to generate phrases.
['aqueduct', 'arc', 'branch', 'bulb', 'charm', 'cliff', 'cloud', 'clover', 'crest', 'dart', 'dawn', 'destiny…


generate({String delimiter = '-', bool includeToken = true, int tokenLength = 4, int tokenRadix = 10, int? seed, List<String> attributives = defaultAttributives, List<String> nouns = defaultNouns}) String
Generates a lowercase attributive+noun pair with an optional token appended to the end and delimited by the specified delimiter.