build method

Widget build (
  1. {BuildContext context,
  2. CreationParams creationParams,
  3. @required WebViewPlatformCallbacksHandler webViewPlatformCallbacksHandler,
  4. WebViewPlatformCreatedCallback onWebViewPlatformCreated,
  5. Set<Factory<OneSequenceGestureRecognizer>> gestureRecognizers}

Builds a new WebView.

Returns a Widget tree that embeds the created webview.

creationParams are the initial parameters used to setup the webview.

webViewPlatformHandler will be used for handling callbacks that are made by the created WebViewPlatformController.

onWebViewPlatformCreated will be invoked after the platform specific WebViewPlatformController implementation is created with the WebViewPlatformController instance as a parameter.

gestureRecognizers specifies which gestures should be consumed by the web view. It is possible for other gesture recognizers to be competing with the web view on pointer events, e.g if the web view is inside a ListView the ListView will want to handle vertical drags. The web view will claim gestures that are recognized by any of the recognizers on this list. When gestureRecognizers is empty or null, the web view will only handle pointer events for gestures that were not claimed by any other gesture recognizer.

webViewPlatformHandler must not be null.


Widget build({
  BuildContext context,
  // TODO(amirh): convert this to be the actual parameters.
  // I'm starting without it as the PR is starting to become pretty big.
  // I'll followup with the conversion PR.
  CreationParams creationParams,
  @required WebViewPlatformCallbacksHandler webViewPlatformCallbacksHandler,
  WebViewPlatformCreatedCallback onWebViewPlatformCreated,
  Set<Factory<OneSequenceGestureRecognizer>> gestureRecognizers,