Flutter-View Tools

Flutter-view is a tool that lets you easily create layouts for Flutter, using Pug and Sass.


This package adds some widgets that allow some extra functionality for flutter-view, and are highly recommended for your flutter-view projects.

Check out the documentation on how to get started with this library in your own flutter-view project. Check out the example project for a simple project that uses all supported widgets.

The library adds the following widgets:


A builder widget used in combination with the flutter-view assign tag shortcut, used to assign a value to a new variable in your widget build tree.



A stateful widget that lets you hook into different lifecycle events of its state, such as initState, render and dispose. You can use these hooks for updating and cleaning up in your view-model.



A wrapper of a Flutter StreamWidget, that monitors a Listenable such as a Model, and triggers an update when that Listenable updates. This allows for your tree of widgets to respond to model updates.

Documentation | Usage guide


Backing library for adding extra functionality to the flutter-view tool http://flutter-view.io.