Useful widgets for speed up development process and reduce code boilerplate.


StreamParser<T> - wrapper around StreamBuilder that provides a builder for each connection state. StreamParserConverter<S,D> - wrapper around StreamBuilder that converts a stream of S to a stream of D. FutureParser<T> - wrapper around FutureBuilder that provides a builder for each connection state. FutureParserConverter<S,D> - wrapper around FutureBuilder that converts a future of S to a future of D. BottomSheetDialog - show a list of BottomSheetItem. HighlightedSearchText - show a list of TextQuery formatted on a given text. ImagePickerDialog - show image from network or file and when clicked it shows options to load from camera, gallery or delete current image if any. The real picker is chosen by the user on the onPickImage function, in the example project it was used the image_picker: ^0.6.1+8 you can used a package that feet your needs. MultiFloatingActionButton - show multiple FloatingAction with animations. MultiPages - wrapper around PageView that shows the pages indicator (a bar and a dot for each page with the current page highlighted). PopupMenu<T> - easy to use PopupMenuButton with PopupItem<T> and TextPopupItem. RefreshableListView<T> - a ListView with RefreshIndicator and the onRefresh returns a List<T> items. SearchView<T> - provides functions to reduce boilerplate code and improve development time like: initialValues, fetchResults(query), resultsFilter(query, results), itemBuilder(context, item, query). TabsView - provides a scaffold with TabBar and TabView that are passed as a list of TabItem.

Getting Started

This project was created by Edgar Wchua P. Guilherme ( as an open source project at gitlab. To understand how to use the widgets please check the examples.