FlutterUsabilla class Null safety

FlutterUsabilla flutter wrapper for usabilla sdk.




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Static Properties

defaultDataMasks Future<List?>
Returns masks List to check what is the defined rule.
platformVersion Future<String?>
Gives the current platform version.

Static Methods

dismiss() Future<void>
Manually Dismiss the Forms / Campaign.
initialize(String appId) Future<void>
Initialize the SDK, using appID.
loadFeedbackForm(String formId) Future<Map?>
Load the Passive Form, using formId & Returns a Map, contains result - rating, pageindex, sent flag.
loadFeedbackFormWithCurrentViewScreenshot(String formId) Future<Map?>
Load the Passive Form with current screen captured, using formId & Returns a Map, contains result - rating, pageindex, sent flag.
localizedStringFile(String localizedStringFile) Future<void>
Sets filename to look for localization in IOS.
preloadFeedbackForms(List formIDs) Future<bool?>
Loads Passive Forms for offline usage and returns true if loaded successfully.
removeCachedForms() Future<void>
Remove cached forms.
resetCampaignData() Future<void>
Reset Campaign, so can be triggered from fresh count.
sendEvent(String event) Future<Map?>
Load the Campaign & Returns a Map, contains result - rating, pageindex, sent flag.
setCustomVariables(Map<String, String> customVariables) Future<void>
Sets custom variables for targeting Campaigns.
setDataMasking(List masks, String character) Future<void>
Sets data masking with default character / passed single character and based on masks rule.
setDebugEnabled(bool debugEnabled) Future<bool?>
Sets and returns debug state from the SDK.