An easy way to implement OTA updates.

Getting Started

First you need to mark the dependency (package: version) in the pubspec.yaml. Then all you need to do is import the package into a dart file and call Updater.checkUpdates (String currentVersion, String latestVersionPath, String updateUrlPath);

All arguments:

Required arguments:

String currentVersion = "x.x.x" -> The current version as a string. String latestVersionPath = "http://... || https://..." -> http address where the latest version is saved as a string. String updateUrlPath = "http://... || https://..." -> http address after URL is saved from which the update will be downloaded.

Optional arguments:

bool sampleUpdate = "bool" -> If true, it will only show the change of update status. The arguments: latestVersionPath, updateUrlPath will not be considered. Function setState = "(){}" -> It is possible to pass a function that is called whenever the update status changes and always during the download. This argument is meant to call the setState () {} of a widget to show information about the status of the update. int delay = "seconds" = If sampleUpdate = true, the status of the update will change every x seconds.

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