flutter_spinbox library

A numeric input widget with an input field for entering a specific value, and spin buttons for quick, convenient, and accurate value adjustments.


Spin boxes are best suited for such applications

  • that deal with large numeric value ranges and high precisions,
  • where users typically know upfront the exact value they are entering,
  • where users may later have a need to accurately adjust a previously entered value.

As a rule of thumb, spin boxes are great for scenarios where

  • sliders and alike UI controls are too inaccurate,
  • tumblers and alike UI controls cannot provide enough value range,
  • and a plain text field is inconvenient for value adjustments (open the VKB, move the cursor, erase the previous value, enter a new value... vs. tap-tap-done).


SpinBox for Flutter comes in two variants. It provides implementations for both designs in Flutter, Material and Cupertino (iOS).


An iOS-style spinbox.
A material design spinbox.