Flutter Speed dial of Material Design style

Flutter package which applies Material design Speed dial


There are several packages that provide fancy speed dial. However, as most of those do not work properly on docked FAB using notch, I referenced Andrea Bizzoto and Matt Carroll's idea/code specified here to make it work fine with notch as well. Truly appreciate to Andrea and Matt for sharing such an awesome idea and codes.


Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: SafeArea(child: _buildBody()),
      floatingActionButton: _buildFloatingActionButton(),
      floatingActionButtonLocation: FloatingActionButtonLocation.endDocked,
      bottomNavigationBar: _buildBottomBar(),

Widget _buildFloatingActionButton() {
    final icons = [
      SpeedDialAction(child: Icon(Icons.mode_edit)),
      SpeedDialAction(child: Icon(Icons.date_range)),
      SpeedDialAction(child: Icon(Icons.list)),

    return SpeedDialFloatingActionButton(
      actions: icons,
      // Make sure one of child widget has Key value to have fade transition if widgets are same type.
      childOnFold: Icon(Icons.event_note, Key: UniqueKey()),
      childOnUnfold: Icon(Icons.add),
      useRotateAnimation: true,
      onAction: _onSpeedDialAction,
_onSpeedDialAction(int selectedActionIndex) {
  print('$selectedActionIndex Selected');

Fade Transition animation between child widgets

In order to apply fade transition between childOnFold and childOnUnfold, make sure one of those has Key field. (eg. ValueKey(value) or UniqueKey()). As we using AnimatedSwitcher for transition animation, no key with same type of child will perform no animation. It is AnimatedSwitcher's behaviour.


  • Ability to display/hide speed dial when it is needed. (ex. hiding on scroll)
  • Unfold function to force close the dial
  • Providing option for modal background with color parameter
  • Text labels on each action widgets


Any pull requests for implementing To-Do functions are always welcome!