SoundPlayerUI.fromLoader constructor Null safety

  1. OnLoad onLoad,
  2. {bool showTitle = false,
  3. bool enabled = true,
  4. AudioFocus audioFocus = AudioFocus.requestFocusAndKeepOthers,
  5. Color? backgroundColor,
  6. Color iconColor =,
  7. Color disabledIconColor = Colors.grey,
  8. TextStyle? textStyle,
  9. TextStyle? titleStyle,
  10. SliderThemeData? sliderThemeData}

SoundPlayerUI.fromLoader allows you to dynamically provide a Track when the user clicks the play button. You can cancel the play action by returning null when _onLoad is called. onLoad is the function that is called when the user clicks the play button. You return either a Track to be played or null if you want to cancel the play action. If showTitle is true (default is false) then the play bar will also display the track name and album (if set). If enabled is true (the default) then the Player will be enabled. If enabled is false then the player will be disabled and the user will not be able to click the play button. The audioFocus allows you to control what happens to other media that is playing when our player starts. By default we use AudioFocus.requestFocusAndDuckOthers which will reduce the volume of any other players.


  OnLoad onLoad, {
  bool showTitle = false,
  bool enabled = true,
  AudioFocus audioFocus = AudioFocus.requestFocusAndKeepOthers,
  Color? backgroundColor,
  Color iconColor =,
  Color disabledIconColor = Colors.grey,
  TextStyle? textStyle,
  TextStyle? titleStyle,
  SliderThemeData? sliderThemeData,
})  : _onLoad = onLoad,
      _showTitle = showTitle,
      _track = null,
      _enabled = enabled,
      _backgroundColor =
          (backgroundColor == null) ? Color(0xFFFAF0E6) : backgroundColor,
      _iconColor = iconColor,
      _disabledIconColor = disabledIconColor,
      _textStyle = textStyle,
      _titleStyle = titleStyle,
      _sliderThemeData = sliderThemeData;