Flutter Socket IO Plugin, supported Android + iOS (iOS installation guide is coming soon)

How to install on iOS

    1. Copy the folder example/ios/Runner/SocketObj to ${PROJECT_ROOT}/ios/Runner/
    1. Replace the example/ios/Runner/AppDelegate.m line with ${PROJECT_ROOT}/ios/Runner/AppDelegate.m. (Notice: You should merge the old one in your project to merge with the new from this plugin if you have some change on that file)
    1. Open ${PROJECT_ROOT}/ios/Podfile, paste this line pod 'Socket.IO-Client-Swift', '~> 13.3.0' before the end of target 'Runner' do block
    1. Run and Enjoy the plugin :)

Use the plugin

1. Add the following import to your Dart code:

import  'package:flutter_socket_io/flutter_socket_io.dart';

2. SocketIOManager: to manage (create/destroy) list of SocketIO

Create SocketIO with SocketIOManager:

SocketIO socketIO = SocketIOManager().createSocketIO("", "/chat", query: "userId=21031", socketStatusCallback: _socketStatus);  

Destroy SocketIO with socketIOManager:


3. SocketIO:

Get Id (Url + Namespace) of the socket

String getId();

Create a new socket and connects the client

Future<void> connect();

Init socket before doing anything with socket

Future<void> init();

Subscribe to a channel with a callback

 Future<void> subscribe(String event, Function callback); 

Unsubscribe from a channel. When no callback is provided, unsubscribe all subscribers of the channel. Otherwise, unsubscribe only the callback passed in

Future<void> unSubscribe(String event, [Function callback]); 

Send a message via a channel (i.e. event, the native code will convert string message to JsonObject before sending)

Future<void> sendMessage(String event, dynamic message, [Function callback]);

Disconnect from the socket

Future<void> disconnect(); 

Unsubscribe all subscribers from all channels

Future<void> unSubscribesAll();

4. Example: Link

SocketIO socketIO;
_connectSocket01() { 
	//update your domain before using  
	 socketIO = SocketIOManager().createSocketIO("", "/chat", query: "userId=21031", socketStatusCallback: _socketStatus); 

	//call init socket before doing anything 

	//subscribe event
	socketIO.subscribe("socket_info", _onSocketInfo); 

	//connect socket 

_socketStatus(dynamic data) { 
	print("Socket status: " + data); 

_subscribes() { 
	if (socketIO != null) { 
		socketIO.subscribe("chat_direct", _onReceiveChatMessage); 

void _onReceiveChatMessage(dynamic message) { 
	print("Message from UFO: " + message); 

void _sendChatMessage(String msg) async { 
	if (socketIO != null) { 
		String jsonData = '{"message":{"type":"Text","content": ${(msg != null && msg.isNotEmpty) ? '"${msg}"' : '"Hello SOCKET IO PLUGIN :))"'},"owner":"589f10b9bbcd694aa570988d","avatar":"img/avatar-default.png"},"sender":{"userId":"589f10b9bbcd694aa570988d","first":"Ha","last":"Test 2","location":{"lat":10.792273999999999,"long":106.6430356,"accuracy":38,"regionId":null,"vendor":"gps","verticalAccuracy":null},"name":"Ha Test 2"},"receivers":["587e1147744c6260e2d3a4af"],"conversationId":"589f116612aa254aa4fef79f","name":null,"isAnonymous":null}'; 
		socketIO.sendMessage("chat_direct", jsonData, _onReceiveChatMessage); 

_destroySocket() { 
	if (socketIO != null) {