A plugin to get the orientation of the device (in degrees) relative to the magnetic north.


First add the plugin in your project. Copy the following line below dependencies in your pubspec.yaml file.

    flutter_sensor_compass: ^0.1.1

Then you need to import the dependency.

import 'package:flutter_sensor_compass/flutter_sensor_compass.dart';

iOS only

You need to add the following key-value pair into your Info.plist file inside the ios/Runner folder in your project.

<string>A reason to get the permission</string>

How to use

You can check if the device is capable of using the compass.

bool isAvailable = await Compass().isCompassAvailable();

Then you can register a new listener for the compass updates.

_compassSubscription =
        Compass().compassUpdates(interval: Duration(milliseconds: 200)).listen((value) {
      setState(() {
        _degrees = value;

Remember to cancel your StreamSubscriptions after you are done with the compass updates.