flutter_rebloc library


A base error event to represent an error that happened in the BLOC.
The base BLOC internal event class. [...]
A widget that takes a list of ReBlocProvider and build them. [...]
A widget that takes a list of StateProviders and build them. [...]
ReBloc<S extends ReBlocState>
A layer that processes business logic by consuming action events and streaming output state. [...]
ReBlocBuilder<T extends ReBloc<ReBlocState>, S extends ReBlocState>
A builder widget that passes the BLOC of type T to the callback. [...]
ReBlocListener<T extends ReBloc<ReBlocState>>
A widget to listen to events that happened in a BLOC.
ReBlocListenerState<T extends ReBloc<ReBlocState>, W extends ReBlocListener<ReBloc<ReBlocState>>>
The widget state of ReBlocListener
ReBlocProvider<T extends ReBloc<S>, S extends ReBlocState>
A BLOC injector to allow descendant widgets to get the BLOC object.
A base object to represent the state of the UI as output by the bloc. [...]
StateBuilder<T extends ReBlocState>
A builder widget that passes a state value of type T to the callback. [...]
StateController<T extends ReBlocState>
A broadcast controller to convert state value changes to an I/O stream.
StateEvent<S extends ReBlocState>
An object that contains the BLOC event and output state.
StateProvider<T extends ReBlocState>
A state injector to allow descendant widgets and BLOCs to access the state value. [...]


The different types of events the BLOC can yield.


ReBlocCreator<S extends ReBlocState> = ReBloc<S> Function(BuildContext)
ReBlocErrorEventListener = void Function(BuildContext, ErrorEvent)
ReBlocEventListener = void Function(BuildContext context, Object event)
StateInitializer<T extends ReBlocState> = T Function(BuildContext)
A function type that is used as a callback to initialize a default state.