A Widget that mimics the Facebook Reaction Button in Flutter.

Flutter ReactiveButton

Step by step explanation

A full explanation on how to build such Widget may be found on my blog:

  • in English, click here
  • in French, click here

Getting Started

You should ensure that you add the following dependency in your Flutter project.

 flutter_reactive_button: "^1.1.0"

You should then run flutter packages upgrade or update your packages in IntelliJ.

In your Dart code, to use it:

import 'package:flutter_reactive_button/flutter_reactive_button.dart';


Icons should be defined as assets and passed to the ReactiveButton Widget, via the icons property, which accepts a List < ReactiveIconDefinition >.

For your convenience, you will find the images that are used in the sample, in the file '', please read the '', included in the ZIP file, for further instructions on how to use these images in your project.


An example can be found in the example folder. Check it out.