Pusher Flutter Client

pub package

An unofficial Flutter plugin that wraps pusher-websocket-java on Android and pusher-websocket-swift on iOS.

This package lets you consume events from a Pusher server. In order to use this library, you need to have a free account on pusher.com. After registering, you will need the application credentials for your app.

Note: This plugin is still under development, and some APIs might not be available yet. Feedback and Pull Requests are most welcome!

How to install

  • Add to your pubspec.yaml
  flutter_pusher_client: ^0.1.0

Getting Started

import 'package:flutter_pusher_client/flutter_pusher.dart';

void main() {

  var options = PusherOptions(host: '', port: 6001, encrypted: false);
  FlutterPusher pusher = FlutterPusher('app', options, enableLogging: true);

  pusher.subscribe('channel').bind('event', (event) => {});

Lazy Connect

Connection to the server can be delayed, so set the lazyConnect prop on the client constructor.


Generate the models and the factories: flutter packages pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs