flutter_plugin_annotations library


This annotation class is going to be used to generate a concrete implementation of a EventChannel instance. It should be applied in a field or getter and it should have a non empty channelName provided. For instance: [...]
This annotation class is going to be used to generate instances of MethodChannel when applied in the same class as FlutterPlugin and have a non empty MethodChannelFutures.channelName. [...]
This annotation allows the developer to specify which platforms a method supports. When applied to a class together with FlutterPlugin, it will limit to which platforms this plugin will work. If applied to the class, but not to a method, it will not have any effect. If SupportedPlatforms is applied in the class and in it's methods, the SupportedPlatforms.only list in the class will work as filter for SupportedPlatform.values for the only list in the method. If this annotation is not present in the class, all SupportedPlatform.values are considered supported. Any SupportedPlatform not listed in only field will throw an UnsupportedError when calling in that platform. Example: [...]


These names need to match Flutter Platform.is$