flutter_pagination_wrapper library

This library provides a Paginator widget that builds a child ScrollView and supplies methods and properties to use pagination with the child ScrollView.


Paginator<PageType, ItemType>
A widget to supply data to a child ScrollView page-by-page. [...]
PaginatorState<PageType, ItemType>


EmptyListWidgetBuilder<PageType> = Widget Function(BuildContext context, PageType page)
ErrorListTileBuilder<PageType> = Widget Function(BuildContext context, PageType page, int existingItemCount)
ItemListTileBuilder<ItemType> = Widget Function(BuildContext context, ItemType item, int index)
LoadingListTileBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context)
PageErrorChecker<PageType> = bool Function(PageType page)
PageItemsGetter<PageType, ItemType> = List<ItemType> Function(PageType page)
PageLoadFuture<PageType> = Future<PageType> Function(int pageNumber)
PaginatorChildBuilder = BoxScrollView Function(BuildContext context, IndexedWidgetBuilder itemBuilder, int itemCount)
TotalItemsGetter<PageType> = int Function(PageType page)