Flutter plugin for getting native string resources


Check the example folder for code examples. To get a string resource, create a NativeStringResource instance. The constructor is the following:

  • String androidName: Name of string resource for Android
  • String iOSName: Name of string resource for iOS
  • String iOSPlistName: Name of property list file for iOS (omit the .plist extension)

All of these arguments can be omitted if, e.g., you are only fetching values for one platform.

To get the actual string from the resource, call the value getter of the created instance. Example:

var helloRes = NativeStringResource(
  androidName: 'hello',
  iOSName: 'hello',
  iOSPlistName: 'Test_plist'

print(await helloRes.value);

This will print Hello world! in the example project.

Setting values is not supported. Values other than strings are not supported


This was a quick and dirty plugin I wrote so don't expect updates. Feel free to fork as I won't license this