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flutter_ multi_bloc_builder

A Flutter package that helps implement the BLoC pattern. It is best used as an extension with the flutter_bloc package which already provides MultiBlocProvider and MultiBlocListener.

This package is built to work with bloc.


MultiBlocBuilder is a Flutter widget which requires minimum one Bloc and a builder function. MultiBlocBuilder handles building the widget in response to new states. It is best used in combination with the flutter_bloc package.

The MultiBlocBuilder requires two parameters.

  • blocs: Specify which bloc states the MultiBlocBuilder should observe for building the widget
  • builder: Anonymous function which returnes your custom widget tree that rebuilds on each state change.

How to use:

final bloc1 = BlocProvider.of<MyBloc1>(context);
final bloc2 = BlocProvider.of<MyBloc2>(context);
final bloc3 = BlocProvider.of<MyBloc2>(context);

    blocs: [bloc1, bloc2, bloc3],
    builder: (context, states) {
        final state1 = states.get<MyBloc1State>();
        final state2 = states.get<MyBloc2State>();
        final state3 = states.get<MyBloc3State>();
        if (state1 is Loading || state2 is Loading || state3 is Loading) {
            return Text("Loading");
        } else {
            return Text("SHow some content");